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The purpose of this course is to raise awareness and render visible the transgender and gender-diverse employees, clients, and the surrounding community. Our course takes learners on a journey to understand what it is like being a transgender person today, By defining appropriate pronouns, and gender spectrums, our course offers an introduction to understanding everyday challenges transgender people may face. The course helps increase awareness of the challenges and barriers the transgender community may experience in the workplace and offers tips and best practices to treat everyone with respect. Read More

Compliant with FMCSA 49 CFR Part 382.603 regulations, EZLearn University utilized the proven content from KELMAR SAFETY INC. to create a dynamic e-learning course. Give your supervisors the tools they need to appropriately determine reasonable suspicion and how to handle this vital issue.  Please note: Once purchased, the license holder will have 30 days to complete the course. Read More

Over 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.  This course combines our two most popular workplace violence prevention courses to ensure employees know how to prevent workplace violence and the steps to take if the unthinkable were to happen.  Keep your employees safe by providing the step-by-step Active Shooter guide with actions that save lives. Your organization’s specific Safety/Evacuation Plan can be included along with your policy. Created in collaboration with strategic HR inc and generously permitted usage of Emmy award-winning video from the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. Read More

This course is designed to provide employees, contractors, and others with access to Company data, systems, and networks with the knowledge and awareness to protect information systems and sensitive data from internal and external threats. This course fulfills the requirement for basic security awareness training for users of Company Information Systems. Annual Security Awareness Training is an ongoing requirement.  At the end of this course, you will read and acknowledge the Rules of Behavior and sign an Access Authorization and Briefing Form. DETAILS 50 minutes Created for all employees Read More

This course was developed by MYCA Learning and The Steve Trautman Co. for the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department.    Knowledge transfer deserves its own strategic plan because your knowledge transfer systems, whether formal or ad-hoc, are already in place.  It’s how people learn their jobs.  Read More

Coupa and MYCA Learning (EZLearnU) have partnered to offer the Safety First Certification. This certification is recognized by Coupa members as your company's commitment to the safety, wellbeing and inclusivity of your employees and joint venture Coupa partners. Certification also provides your company visibility on the Coupa platform. This bundle includes 3 courses: COVID-19 Back to Work, Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct Prevention, and Unconscious Bias. The first two courses are required in many states including CA, IL and NY, and all 3 courses help protect your company from incidents, lawsuits and liability. Read More

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