2022 Update: Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct (Employee)

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Ryan Wale



The Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct course recognizes the changing dynamics in today's busy workplaces and illustrates very clear appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and how to address.  With a generous dose of creativity and animated scenarios, participants are challenged to consider the impact of their words, behaviors and relationships.  

The non-supervisor course is a shorter version of the supervisor course and contains all of its core content.   The shortened length meets New York city and state compliance requirements for non-supervisors.   The non-supervisor course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. 

The course focuses on basic content intended for all employees and includes an explanation of your organization’s harassment policy, LGBTQ+ harassment, sexual harassment, protected characteristics harassment, hostile workplace and how to stop prohibited behavior.  The Abusive Conduct module identifies the impacts of bullying, profanity and prohibited behaviors. A course knowledge check is included to ensure employees understanding.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate WHAC Employee

2020 Update: Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct (Employee)
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I saw a spelling mistake in one of the modules, otherwise great training!
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Great Narrator!
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A+ on this course! Thank you
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