QueensNY: Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct (Supervisor)

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Ryan Wale



Despite many years of mandated training, workplace harassment can remain an ongoing challenge.  The Workplace Harassment & Abusive Conduct course recognizes the changing dynamics in today's busy workplaces and illustrates very clear appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and how to address.  With a generous dose of creativity and animated scenarios, participants are challenged to consider the impact of their words, behaviors and relationships.  The Supervisor course contains two parts (Core Content and Leadership Series) and meets New York city and state requirements.

Part 1 of 2 – Core Content

The Core Content takes approximately 50 minutes to complete.  The Core Content focuses on basic content intended for all employees and includes an explanation of your organization’s harassment policy, LGBTQ+ harassment, sexual harassment, protected characteristics harassment, hostile workplace and how to stop prohibited behavior.  

Part 2 of 2 - The Leadership Series 

The Leadership Series takes approximately 70 minutes to complete. 

The Leadership Series provides leaders with tools to help stop harassment by coaching them on how to apply an intervention process to stop an employee or team’s prohibited behavior when it is occurring, and respond effectively if a team member reacts defensively when asked to stop her/his prohibited behavior.  The Abusive Conduct module identifies the impacts of bullying, profanity and prohibited behaviors.  Supervisors learn how to receive a complaint and a 4 step interview process.  Third party harassment is addressed as leaders learn why and how it can impact an organization.  Leaders learn how to prevent and address subtle and blatant retaliation.  Finally, a course knowledge check is given to ensure leaders understanding of all of the core and leadership series content.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate WHAC

QueensNY: Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct (Supervisor)
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