ESG Journey

3 courses



Three Courses make up this Introduction to ESG, The ESG Journey:

  1. Journey to Sustainability (15 minutes): This course is focused on educating individuals about the principles and practices of sustainability, which includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.  By taking this course, individuals can learn how to incorporate ESG considerations into their decision-making and develop a deeper understanding of how sustainability can be integrated into business practices. 

  2. Harassment Prevention (60 minutes): Harassment prevention is a critical issue in the workplace and is closely tied to ESG considerations. This course provides individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent and respond to harassment in the workplace. By promoting a safe and respectful work environment, companies can improve their social impact and enhance their reputation among stakeholders.

  3. Code of Conduct (15 minutes): A company's code of conduct is a set of guidelines that outlines the ethical standards and behaviors expected of employees. A strong code of conduct is critical for ensuring that a company operates in a socially responsible manner and is aligned with ESG considerations. This course can help individuals understand the importance of a code of conduct and provide them with the tools and strategies necessary to implement and enforce it effectively. By upholding ethical standards and promoting responsible behavior, companies can enhance their social impact and strengthen their reputation among stakeholders. 

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