A Guide to Online Meeting Etiquette

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Ryan Wale



(20 Minutes)

The Covid pandemic prompted an abrupt shift to remove work for many employers. As a result, online meetings, particularly Zoom meetings, became a standard practically overnight. In this course, you will learn the best practices for participating in online meetings. With the increased use of remote work, it is important to have effective communication skills and etiquette.


  • Different types of online meetings and the importance of online meeting etiquette.
  • Technical considerations: internet speed, microphone and camera settings, and software choices.
  • Preparing for the meeting: setting up a quiet and professional workspace, testing equipment and software, and reviewing the meeting agenda.
  • Participating in the meeting: appropriate language and tone, avoid distractions, and contribute to the conversation.
  • Virtual meeting fatigue: how to determine when your camera is on or off
  • Review of best practices

A Guide to Online Meeting Etiquette
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Added 10 months ago, by Julie
This course is fast paced and covers 6 best practices in just 20 minutes. A good refresher of this topic or ideal for someone new to online meetings.
Added 12 months ago, by Anonymous
Not everyone is aware of what appears to be rude in an online meeting. I wish all online meeting attenders would watch this!

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