Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct (Supervisor - 2023 Version)

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Ryan Wale



Our latest version of Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention, WHAC, is focused on employees and their stories. Animated characters tell their stories about the realities of the workplace, from the perspective of people from all walks of life. These stories highlight the challenges and victories of everyday life, from different perspectives, and provide insight into how to make the workplace a better and more inclusive environment.

Harassment prevention compliance training doesn't have to be overwhelming or dull. The use of animated characters and real-life examples makes our training more engaging, relatable, and memorable. It's also a great way to ensure that everyone understands the importance of preventing and addressing any type of workplace harassment.

This course meets California (AB 1825 / AB 2053 / SB396/SB1343), New York State and New York City, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and all 50 state requirements.

The Supervisor course is 2 hours in length.  Feel free to start and stop.  Your progress will be saved. 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate WHAC Docuseries: Supervisor

Workplace Harassment and Abusive Conduct (Supervisor 2023 Version)
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Content was good, the narrative was too slow.
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